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Heaton Camillo is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs be successful.

CrowdfundingOne of the critical factors in success is raising capital to start a business or to accelerate its progress.   So the core services we provide are training courses and consultancy that, when combined, take you, the entrepreneur, from idea all the way to funding and beyond.

Our two core services:

The Crowdfunding Course – which takes you from an idea to being investment ready – meaning you will be guided on how to prepare to approach either Angel Investors, or to run a crowdfunding campaign.

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The ‘ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR’ follow up programme

This is a structured process where by we spend two working days spread over a number of weeks dedicated to your business and your preparations in the lead up to you running a successful funding campaign.

The programme includes:

The HC team pre-reading all your current materials (if available) such as business plan, spreadsheets, website, videos, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and your team profiles on LinkedIn and via your CVs.

A structured half-day brainstorming around your business idea, the market need, its scalability, the customer proposition, business model, the go-to-market plan, risks and defensibility against competition, and deliverability by your team.  We then guide you on the ideal format of the financial model and agree a deadline for its draft completion.  We also ask you to go away and prepare a WORD doc ‘storyboard’ that will eventually become the investment pitch.

Meeting again for the second half-day to review and critique the financial model and challenge all the assumptions.  We work together to refine the model, assess the funding need and the pre-money valuation, and we’ll make the fundamental decision as to where to seek funding: via an angel investor or Crowdfunding.  After advising you on the next steps, you then, in your own time, use this framework and the storyboard to work on the full investment pack.

Our third half-day is all about editing, refining, and ‘signing off’ the investment pack.  We’ll run though a checklist to include:  preparation of a target investor list, outbound email copy, due diligence, terms sheets, SEIS/EIS tax issues.

A fourth and final half-day is all about getting you pitch perfect with your presentation and that will include a challenging Q&A session.  If we’ve done our job well you’ll be investment ready to go ahead and run your campaign.

After the programme we stay in touch to track your progress.  We’ll try to introduce you, where appropriate, to some useful contacts, including potential investors, and we may invest in our own right.
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